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Anti Ragging

Anti-Ragging Committee has been formed headed by the Chairperson of the committee as well as represented by the Sub Inspector (Thalaghattapura Police Station), Vice President of Kumbulgod Zillah Panchayat, local media person and a member of NGO for youth development, as well as all the Heads of the departments.
The committee member list has been included in the prospectus of the College with respective contact numbers of all members.

The committee members include freshers as well.
Senior students (Mentors) have been identified and their contact numbers provided.
A Counseling Cell has been set up, which includes active Participation of Department of psychiatry.
An anti-ragging squad which also includes senior faculty members has been formed and the members make evening/night rounds (every day by turn) in the campus including hostels, canteen and other sensitive areas.
Freshers have been addressed about the measures in place and not to fear in reporting any act of ragging or harassment at any place (inside or outside campus) by senior students.
Posters regarding prohibition of ragging are displayed at all sensitive areas in the campus detailing the strict Punishments as prescribed by UGC & MCI regulations and also the AntiRagging Helpline (Toll-Free number) & Website.
All the measures adopted, ensured no ragging incidents being reported. The Anti-ragging Committee is re-constituted with the following as Chairperson, Member coordinator and Members.

Post Name Department
Chairperson Dr. Sangeetha s Microbiology
Vice Chairperson Dr. Praveen G.U Radiology
Member coordinator Dr. Pradeep Kumar M. B. Forensic Medicine
Member Dr. K.M. Govindaraju Medical Superintendent
Member Dr. Naveen S Principal
Member Dr. Basavaraj Bhandare Prof. & HOD of Pharmacology
Member Dr. Nagarathnamma R Prof. & HOD of OBG
Member Dr. Sahajanand Prof. & HOD of anaesthesia
Member Dr. Balakrishna Prof. of Anatomy
Member Dr. Adarsh Prof. & HOD of Paediatrics
Member Mrs.Chitrakala Warden Girls hostel
Member Ms. Anusuya Warden Girls hostel
Member Mrs. Hemanth Kumari Media person
Member Mr. Harish Kaggalipur subinspector Talagattapura Police Station
Member Dr. Sudhir Hebbar Pshychiatry
Member Dr. Gautam Warden Boys hostel
Student Jashwith . K MBBS Phase II(IV term )
Student Gade Sandeep MBBS Phase II(IV term )
Student Dhru Madan MBBS Phase II(IV term )
Student Archana G. V. MBBS Phase II(IV term )
Student Chandana Naik L MBBS Phase II(IV term )
Student Harika Devi D MBBS Phase II(IV term )
Student Prajwala S.M. MBBS Phase I(II term)
Student MBBS Phase I(II term)
PG Dr. Sunayana Nagendra General Medicine
PG Dr. Vivek TB&CD